Carolina Utility Customers Association


Statewide Manufacturers Trade Association that was established in 1983

Thirty-one years of experience in representing the manufacturing community

An active and continuing industrial voice before regulatory agencies and the General Assembly

Plays a major role in shaping gas, electric and telecom rates in North Carolina

Recognized as industrial advocate and leader in utility matters

Cost-effective, consistent, and efficient vehicle/forum to address energy issues and control regulated utility costs

Complete monitoring, reporting, representation on energy issues

Intervention in all relevant electrical, natural gas and telecom proceedings

Access to staff, attorney, and consultant on individual energy matters

Provides continuity and follow-up on the various activities and problems which arise almost daily concerning utility rates and services in North Carolina

Weekly Fuel & Energy Report

Participation in meetings and on committees to learn/share energy information

Carolina Utility Customers Association, Inc.

1708 Trawick Rd.

Raleigh, NCĀ  27604