The energy voice in North Carolina for industry and manufacturing.


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The energy voice in North Carolina for industry and manufacturing.

Why Join CUCA?

Here’s what one of our members, Parkdale Mills, has to say about the benefits they’ve seen since joining CUCA:

“As a power intensive producer of commodity yarns , a one penny increase in unit cost translates to huge sums of money off of the bottom line for Parkdale Mills. Any small percentage increase in energy cost has a significant impact on long term profitability and future investment.

Utilities have a formidable presence in Raleigh. As consumers of energy to make and sell products , we have to have an equally formidable presence to protect our interests. As states compete to sustain and create jobs supported by manufacturing , it is important that North Carolina has competitive rates to keep and attract industry.

CUCA is tuned in to the energy needs of industrial North Carolina , well connected to the legislators, and respected by the energy providers as a voice of the industry. A membership in CUCA provides a seat at the table and the opportunity to be among the first to know about any policy changes and their potential impact on your business. CUCA will fight for what is right for its members. If you are a manufacturer in North Carolina, you can’t afford not to join and help control your destiny.”