Duke Energy’s Continuing Cost Increases and Opposition on Ways to Lower Them

by Diane Cherry and Suzanne Mullins, Diane Cherry Consulting The Regulatory Compact A few decades ago, electricity systems were nearly all vertically-integrated; that is, singular companies owned every aspect of their region's energy supply chain. These monopoly...

Electric Market Reform In the Southeast

For the first time in twenty years,  electric market reform has become an important topic of interest in energy and legislative communities in the Carolinas. It is important that stakeholders remain aware of these discussions and stay informed.  The S.C. General...

CUCA’s 2020 Accomplishments

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted a pandemic that would cripple our economy and stop us all in our tracks. We will all be glad when 2020 comes to an end, but before we turn the calendar to 2021 and have a collective sigh of relief, I’d like to...

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